Allan Kardec

Who was Allan Kardec?

Hippolyte Léon Dénizard Rivail, better known by his nom de plume of ALLAN KARDEC, was born at Lyons, on the 3rd of October 1804, of an old family of Bourg-en-Bresse, that had been for many generations honorably distinguished in the magistracy and at the bar.

Main pillars for the Spiritist Doctrine, written and compiled by him are:

  • THE SPIRITS’ BOOK, a compilation of questions from Allan Kardec answered by the spirits. It was the initial mark of the so called The Spiritist Doctrine (or Spiritism). It teaches the steps mankind should take in order to grow in its evolution, 1857;
  • THE MEDIUMS’ BOOK, a book about Mediumship and Evocations, 1861;
  • THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE SPIRITISM, focuses on Jesus’ moral teachings while providing the spiritist point of view, 1864;
  • HEAVEN AND HELL, a vindication of the justice of the divine government of the human race), 1865;
  • GENESIS, showing the concordance of the spiritist theory with the discoveries of modern science and with the general tenor of the Mosaic record as explained by spirits, 1867;

ALLAN KARDEC was not a “medium,” and relied on the mediumship of others all over the world to obtain the spirits’ communications to compile these books.

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